Sci-Fi Novel: Two Husbands-One Wife

 "Reina's romantic time-travel thriller starts in midaction and never lets up." Chronogram Short Takes: August 2014. 

Two men fight to keep the same woman they are both married two different timelines. 

Watch the book trailer for this sci-fi thriller fit for teens to adults written by Barbara Reina.


Two Husbands-One Wife Sci-Fi Romance Novel by Barbara Reina


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Sci-Fi Thriller Fit for Teens to Adults

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 Two men fight to keep the same woman they are both married two different timelines. Astronaut Eric Scheil can't remember how he returned to Earth from Saturn's Rings without best friend and pilot, Craig Miller. 

 Tortured by a past he can't remember, he tries the latest method of converting brainwaves to visual images: Flashback Therapy with world renowned therapist and childhood friend, Dr. David Conner. Tensions rise as both men are in love with the same woman: Julia, David's wife. 

 Eric and David develop HoloPlay, a virtual game where patients feel as if they are reliving a memory. Eric refines his time travel technology under the guise of HoloPlay, convincing David and Julia to take a virtual trip back in time...which becomes real. Eric makes sure that the first chance meeting of this couple never happens. The timeline change triggers an explosion propelling David into a second timeline while retaining memories of the first. Now, David is single and Eric is married to a pregnant Julia. 

 Senator Elliott Carson funds HoloPlay for personal gain. Is Craig alive? Will Senator Carson change world history? Will Julia choose her husband or will time choose him for her? 


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